Specialist in Artificial Eyes - Longueuil

Located in Longueuil, the François Gordon Oculariste clinic makes and maintains artificial eyes.

Many of the clinic’s clients are in Montreal and on the South Shore.

For the most natural look possible

A glass eye is the perfect solution after losing an eye due to illness or an accident. François Gordon can make a customized artificial eye for any client! Designed from an impression of your ocular cavity, the prosthesis will be adapted to the required shape and size. This will help bring back a natural look and restore your confidence when out and about in daily life.

A natural look and confidence when you’re out and about in daily life

Oeil artificiel Longueuil

An experienced ocularist

Oeil artificiel Montreal

In addition to ocular prostheses, François Gordon can make postoperative conformers, which are covered by the RAMQ. Meanwhile, to improve your comfort, he can provide any type of service related to artificial eyes. For example, clinic services include adjustments, enlargements and repairs - whatever is needed! Furthermore, evaluations are available to ensure that your prosthesis is aligned with your eye socket. Using the best techniques and tools, François Gordon cleans and removes any protein deposits that may have accumulated on a prosthesis over time.

Let a professional evaluate your prosthesis’ alignment


The advantages of visiting the François Gordon Oculariste clinic:

  • Experience
  • Credentials
  • Technical expertise
  • All necessary equipment

Forget about your injured eye and restore a natural look.