Ocular Prosthesis Maintenance by a specialist in Longueuil

The François Gordon Oculariste clinic provides all types of maintenance for ocular prostheses for patients in Longueuil.

Many of our patients are located in the Montreal and the South Shore areas.

Evaluations and polishing

To maintain an artificial eye’s natural look, have it maintained by a professional! In fact, this type of maintenance is recommended every six months. Since 1993, François Gordon has been taking care of patients at his clinic. For example, he polishes prostheses to remove protein deposits that accumulate, improving eyelid motion. He can also assess and check the fit of a prosthesis in the ocular cavity.

Prosthesis maintenance that can improve eyelid motion

Entretien de prothèse oculaire Longueuil

Cleaning your prosthesis

Entretien de prothèse oculaire Montreal

François Gordon will examine your eye socket tissue, offering advice and guidance for the best possible prosthetic support. If dust is an issue, he can handle cleaning of any ocular prosthesis. With years of experience, François Gordon will remove and handle it with precision and care, refitting the prosthesis to your face. Having mastered the appropriate techniques and materials, your glass eye will shine again!

Get advice from an experienced ocularist


Ocular prosthesis maintenance includes:

  • Polishing
  • Cleaning
  • Evaluation of fit

Call a specialist to make your ocular prosthesis shine!