Making ocular prostheses

The François Gordon Oculariste clinic specializes in making ocular prostheses.

Our office is located in Longueuil, but we also work with patients living in Montreal and on the South Shore.

A reliable solution for covering a damaged eye

Following any kind of ocular trauma, François Gordon can help restore an eye’s natural look with a customized prosthesis. He can also handle corneal-scleral shell prostheses and other corneal shells. With years of experience, he ensures that your newly designed prosthesis correctly covers your atrophied, disfigured, discolored, off-centered or non-seeing eye. François Gordon can also help patients who are looking for postoperative conformers and iris conformers.

Trust an ocularist with 24 years of experience

Fabrication de prothèse oculaire Longueuil

All types of services for ocular prostheses

Fabrication de prothèse oculaire Montreal

François Gordon will make and handle your eye prosthesis with precision and care. Using high-quality products, prosthetics are prepared on the day of your appointment or according to your availability. If there is a problem with your existing prosthesis, it will be adjusted, enlarged or repaired according to its condition and age. As a certified ocularist (B.C.O. and B.A.D.O.), François Gordon can also handle any maintenance for glass eyes.

Your prosthesis will be adjusted, enlarged or repaired according to its

condition and age


At the François Gordon Oculariste clinic, patients benefit from:

  • A custom-made, high-quality prosthesis
  • A comfortable and aesthetically pleasing prosthesis
  • Service from a certified ocularist (B.C.O. and B.A.D.O.)

Trust an ocularist who will know how to give you a natural look.